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Jekyll & Hyde

"Chuck Wagner possesses one of the best baritones on Broadway"

- Talkin' Broadway

(Johnathan Frank )


"Chuck the consummate performer."

 - Bay City Sun 

(Nancy Hawks)


"Dazzling. The entire enterprise was made worthwhile by Chuck Wagner's performance. This is a great star in the making."

- Austin-American Statesman


"Chuck Wagner's supple and powerful singing is a major asset..."

 - Houston Chronicle

(Everett Evans)


"Chuck  Wagner has a commanding stage presence and a knack for playing beastly roles." - Nashville Tennessean 

(Kevin Nance)




"...Wagner rivals Goulet's Lancelot of thirty years ago."

- Stockton Record

(Diane Runion)


"Chuck leaves one hardly daring to breathe while just drinking in his voice."

- Press Tribune

(Traja Rosenthal)


Into The Woods

"...crystal voiced Chuck Wagner turns his supporting role into one of the leads."

- The Hollywood Reporter


"Chuck Wagner is terrific as a seductive wolf and a charming if insincere prince."

- Miami Herald

(Christine Arnold)


"Chuck Wagner...delightful"

- Newsweek

(Jack Kroll)


"Agony remains the hit of the show."

- New York Times

(Dan Sullivan)


"Chuck Wagner gets laugh after laugh in the dual role of the lascivious wolf and the wolfish Prince Charming."

- Nashville Banner

(Beth Monin)


"Wagner gives the Wolf and Cinderella's Prince plenty of charm. He's the quintessential modern boy-man..."

- Washington Post

(David Richards)


Disney's Beauty and the Beast


"... my favorite Beast!"

- Sir Tim Rice


"As the Beast, Chuck Wagner's delivery of songs like If I Can't Love Her is both powerful and touching." 

- Globe and Mail

(Kate Taylor)


Les Misérables

"The best performance is a sulking, richly intoned Javert that hangs like an embroidered cape on the high shoulders of seasoned vet Chuck Wagner."

- Cleveland Centennial 

(Tony Brown)


"With his booming voice and ramrod bearing and attitude, Chuck Wagner delivers the production's finest performance as this fiercely unbending enforcer. Standing on a nearly bare stage singing a solo, Wagner fills the theater with as much passion as the crowded, inflamed battle scenes."

- Baltimore Sun

(J. Wynn Rousuck)


"Offering a commanding presence physically and vocally, Chuck wagner gives us a dynamic Inspector Javert. His performance is at once fierce, forceful, and dominating over all who surround him." 

- Indianapolis Star

(Peter Marbach)

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