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pre·vail·ure  (prəˈvālyər)



1  Resilience in the face of life’s inevitable failures with gratitude for lessons learned along the way.


2  A person who finds insight, growth, strength, and success through failure.  

3  A motivational message designed to inspire students to cope with the challenges they face every day by Broadway star Chuck Wagner.


This site and the book and the talk to follow are dedicated to the Prevailure within us all. From our earliest day to our last, we learn by failing. Rocking back and forth leads to rolling over, crawling leads to climbing, standing to walking, running to dancing, talking to singing - all of these basic human functions are learned bit by bit by systematically failing.


Life is an ongoing series of challenges, and how we meet them and deal with them directly affects our quality of life. How we label ourselves and others has real power over how we see the world. We can be cruel and judgmental. One of the most self-defeating labels we give each other is ‘failure’. Charlie Brown often sees himself as a failure, but when trouble comes he reaches out to his friends and together they prevail.      Be a Prevailure.  You are enough.

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