I teach a Masterclass, Broadway and Beyond, working with students to expand their imagination.


The basic class is an introduction to the Broadway Dream followed by an audition workshop to help the students hone their presentation skills.

(Usually runs 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the number of students.)


I also offer a 2 day intensive Masterclass / Concert designed to showcase the students' talent while providing practical experience in the art of producing, advertising and staging a theatrical event. 


With planning and creativity these fundraising concerts can pay for themselves with funds leftover to support the Theatre Departments.



I was blessed to have been an original cast member of the now classic Stephen Sondheim musical INTO THE WOODS, first in the world premiere at San Diego's OLD GLOBE THEATRE in 1986, and then in the OBC in 1987. I helped create the role of Rapunzel's Prince and went on to tour the US as Cinderella's Prince and the Wolf in the First National Tour.


On Christmas day in 2014 INTO THE WOODS was released as a major motion picture by the Disney studio and was a great success, bringing the enchanted tale to a widely expanded audience, but not without some major revisions to accomodate the new medium.


This class examines the similarities and differences between the theatrical and cinematic versions, and invites the students to explore both and discuss the pros and cons of the transition. As with all Fairy Tales, the magic is heightened by the retelling, and the differences are quite startling. Both versions are full of life lessons, and the exploration is richly rewarding.



As an original cast member of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and having played the role on Broadway and in Toronto for over five years I have a unique insight into the creation and production of the Broadway Classic. This class will offer glimpses of that experience, explore other manifestations of the story in Art and Literature, and discuss the revisions in the newest cinematic release from the Magic Kingdom.











Les Miserables is the World's Most Popular Musical. I have had the honor of playing both Javert and Valjean in my career, and this show holds a treasured place in my heart. This class allows students to explore Victor Hugo's classic work as well as its manifestations in film and on stage.



Years ago as a student at USC I began work on a new musical with my classmate Frank Wildhorn. This was the beginning of JEKYLL & HYDE: the musical. This class features clips from the original 1990 Alley Theatre production, tales from the 1999-2000 post Broadway tour and examines how Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale has been re-imagined over the years.

Solo Show:


My solo show, LIVING THE DREAM, is a 45 minute program filled with music that is structured much like a TED Talk demonstrating that a kid from a small rural town can make dreams come true. Created for the Disney Cruise Line, this uplifting show easily travels with the goal of inspiring new generations of Theatre lovers.


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