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Come Cruise with me!!

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UPCOMING                                2024


4/6-  4/11                                      Miracle                     Los Angeles to Maui

4/15- 4/22                                     Legend           Baltimore to Punta Delgado

4/26- 5/4                                       Miracle              San Francisco to Juneau

5/7-  5/11                                       Spirit                             Seattle to Juneau

5/13- 5/17                                      Miracle              San Francisco to Juneau

6/4 - 6/8                                         Spirit                             Seattle to Juneau

6/17- 6/24                                     Miracle               Juneau to San Francisco

6/28- 7/05                                     Miracle               Juneau to San Francisco

7/05- 7/08                                     Miracle               San Francisco to Juneau

7/19- 7/26                                     Miracle               Juneau to San Francisco

7/26- 7/31                                     Miracle               San Francisco to Juneau

8/05- 8/10                                     Miracle               San Francisco to Juneau

8/16- 8/19                                     Miracle               San Francisco to Juneau

9/21- 9/24                                     Miracle                                Maui to Kona

10/01- 10/16                                 Miracle  SFO Panama Canal to Galveston

10/26 -11/01                                 Legend                Rome to Punta Delgado

11/03- 11/08                                  Miracle                        Galveston to Aruba

12/01- 12/06                                 Miracle                Grand Turk to Galveston


1/12 - 1/17                                   Radiance               Los Angeles to Maui

2/09 - 2/14                                   Radiance               Los Angeles to Maui

3/09 - 3/14                                   Radiance               Los Angeles to Maui


ISLAND TIMES   Pensacola Beach

July 25, 2017

 Chuck Wagner Lives The Dream


Dreams do come true, according to Chuck Wagner. He’s a beach resident who just happens to be a star of stage and film. He’s an actor-director-historian- environmentalist-optimist. He’s the Beast, Mr. Hyde and the Prince. His story is compelling and he’s going to share it with local audiences. “Living The Dream” premieres for one-night only Thursday, August 3 at 7 p.m. at the University of West Florida’s Center for Fine and Performing Arts.


“I have spent the years performing and teaching around the world, and am delighted to be back home for a while,” said Wagner. “I am eager to share my show with my friends in Pensacola.”


The musical production which is performed by Wagner with the accompaniment of Martin E. Tate, has been performed around the world aboard the Disney Cruise Line, and tells the story of Chuck's Broadway adventures through song.


His first visit to Disneyland at ten-years-old sent his imagination into overdrive and it never

slowed down. He was destined to perform, to share his passion and to spread the magic of the story. He acted his way through school and college, traveling abroad to perform and returning stateside to begin his years on television. In the mid-1980s, his career soared on Broadway. Wagner, the little boy from Tennessee, would wow audiences in Camelot, The Three Musketeers, and Into The Woods. Les Miserables is also on Wagner’s impressive resume.


Perhaps it was his first love of Disney that coursed through his veins as he brought The Beast to life in Beauty and The Beast. First in Texas, then Canada, and finally 1,200 performances on Broadway.


Wagner’s career is stellar and varied. Television, movies, international theatre and Broadway. He was the Ringmaster of the Greatest Show on Earth – Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. While most would be satisfied with this success, he continues to hone his craft, mentoring and inspiring others.


Wagner developed a series of Masterclasses, which are tailored to students, aspiring actors and professionals. Occasionally, Wagner shifts his focus to college classrooms.

“Several years ago I was Visiting Artist in Residence at UWF, and directed successful productions of Jekyll & Hyde and Man of La Mancha for the Theatre Department,” commented Wagner. “I also taught History of the American Musical Theatre for both the Theatre and Honors departments. Local audiences may remember my concert with the Pensacola Symphony Heroes on Broadway under the baton of Peter Rubardt.”


From actor to ringmaster to professor, Wagner also takes care of the paradise he calls home. When the oil from the Deepwater Horizon explosion reached the shores of Pensacola Beach in 2010, Wagner was among those to help coordinate the massive effort to aid in removing the oil and protect the fragile wildlife. He also served as a Beach Ambassador.


Audiences have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the musical journey that Wagner so aptly calls, “Living The Dream.”


Admission is $25. For tickets, call 850-474-2406.

LIVING THE DREAM live August 3

7:00 pm was a success! Thanks to all who came.

CHUCK WAGNER Living the Dream returned to the Walt Disney Theatre aboard the DISNEY WONDER. Here are echoes.


Anything Can Happen

Mary Poppins

On Sept 15th & 16th I taught my Masterclass,and on the 17th gave a concert at THE AMARILLO COLLEGE CONSERVATORY THEATRE. What a great night of Broadway Magic.

IMG_1679 2.JPG

LIVING THE DREAM returned to the Walt Disney Theatre aboard the Disney Wonder April 23-May 7, 2017

as we became the first passenger ship to cross the New Panama Canal!

There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

1964 NY World's Fair

Proud of Your Boy   Menken


My Sword    Friml

The Three Musketeers

My Belle    Friml

The Three Musketeers

Agony        Sondheim

Into The Woods

Hello, Little Girl    Sondheim

Into The Woods

If Ever I Would Leave You


This is the Moment    Wildhorn

Jekyll & Hyde


Les Miserables

The Colors of My Life   Coleman


I, Don Quixote     Leigh

Man of La Mancha

Made of Stone      Menken / Schwartz

Hunchback of Notre Dame

If I Can't Love Her  Menken

Beauty and the Beast

Finale: The Quest    Leigh

Man of La Mancha

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 2.47.58 PM.png

Early 2019

I played JULIUS CAESAR for The Nashville Shakespeare Festival  

through February 2


then home for a bit before joining


(Phantom of the Opera)


(Phantom of the Opera)



(The Little Mermaid)

for a 4 week concert tour of CHINA!  February 27- March 27

   Then I flew to Las Vegas for an exciting GAME OF THE WOODS Masterclass in Las Vegas!

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